Tampa Bay 55

Ep. 28: 200 days out! Plus, the parallels of planning for 2009 and 2021 Super Bowls at Ray Jay with Ken Elder

July 23, 2020

10 Tampa Bay anchor Ryan Bass and Rob Higgins, president/CEO of the Super Bowl LV Host Committee, discuss the 200-day milestone in the countdown to Super Bowl LV in Tampa, and if everything is still full speed ahead given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. Speaking of, Ryan and Rob welcome Ken Elder, Vice President of Partnerships for the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee, to discuss the parallels of planning for the 2009 Super Bowl, coming off a financial crisis, and the 2021 Super Bowl at Ray Jay in the new normal of COVID-19. Ken also discusses lessons learned from the past and why Tampa has become a destination for the biggest event in all of sports!

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